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A lot of us underestimate the importance of drinking water daily and don’t really appreciate what water does for our bodies. It’s important to understand that natural water also contains minute quantities of essential minerals and trace elements. In fact, research suggests that drinking water is quite a vital source of minerals for the human body. This is because the minerals and trace elements that are found in water exist in their ionized form and such ions are easily absorbed by our gastrointestinal tract.

But these days we don’t get water from any known or protected source. It is not as pure as it used to be before, and it can be up to two years old with lower mineral content. Moreover, sometimes the water can be from underground sources which can be treated to remove impurities but then it won’t remain mineral consistent. Due to these reasons, you can’t rely on regular water for all your mineral fulfilments. Thus, it becomes important to know what you drink and what is in your bottle.

ROI is premium water and assures that all your mineral requirements are fulfilled. ROI is not like any other mineral water, and it is the most magnesium-rich water in the world. Consuming the recommended daily allowance of 0.5 litres per day provided a multitude of significant health benefits to the consumer. ROI is incomparable. No other mineral water in the world can boast such naturally created properties. Nevertheless, the famous water from Rogaška Slatina in Slovenia is embedded in centuries of history. Every drop of ROI Roitschocrene mineral water took 3400 years to come into being. The spring itself is over 8000 years old and its unique geological conditions create the mineral water rich in magnesium on our planet. This is the time the water travels through the layers of the rock that enriches it with our unique concentration of minerals.

No bottled water in the entire world benefits you from one of the highest mineral contents just the way ROI does. ROI balances the mineral content in an appropriate amount and ensures that the mineral content is not less than the required mineral content for a human body. Its huge mineral content brings a distinctive, rich, and voluminous taste to the table. The elements can be easily absorbed by the body in a harmonious balance and in a soluble form.

mineralityVery high
hardnessVery difficult
vintage3400 years
carbonic acidNaturally
TDS7,481 mg/l
pH factor6.8
hardness6,725/ l
nitrate<1 mg/l
calcium610 mg/l
magnesium1,300 mg/l
sodium1,600 mg/l
Potassium6,725/ l
Silica86 mg/l
Bicarbonate7,700 mg/l
Sulfate2,100 mg/l
Chloride83 mg/l

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