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ROI is unlike any other mineral water, as it is the most magnesium-rich water in the world. Consuming the recommended daily allowance of .5L per day provided a multitude of significant health benefits to the consumer. As magnesium is responsible for the regulation of the overall nervous and muscular system, the most magnesium-rich mineral water in the world is the ideal companion to your rich lifestyle. Every drop of ROI Roitschocrene mineral water took 3400 years to come into being. This is the time the water travels through the layers of rock that enriches it with our unique concentration of minerals.

ROI Roitschocrene
ROI helps reduce or even eliminate a hangover as it ensures rehydration and replenishes the minerals excreted by the kidneys during drinking. Minerals maintain the pH balance in the body to revitalize the system and help to alleviate an upset stomach. (Take our stomach juice acid)
How & when to drink:
0.50 litre (16.9 fl oz) of cool ROI before going to sleep
If a substantial dinner is expected, it is recommended to use ROI to lower the potentially increased cholesterol levels and aid metabolism in the digestion process.
How & when to drink:
0.25 litre (8.45 fl oz) of ROI at room temperature in the morning on an empty stomach or alternatively 0.25 litre (8.45 fl oz) of ROI at room temperature before the meal
Magnesium is involved in 300 important processes in the human body and is found in cells in most organisms on Earth. Due to the frequent lack of magnesium intake through food and food processing, it is advisable to drink ROI regularly to maintain health and well-being.
How & when to drink:
0.10 – 0.25 litre (3.38 – 8.45 fl oz) of cool ROI every day, with short interruptions
To prevent muscle spasms during physical activity, encourage cell rejuvenation, and promote muscle health. It is important to consume Magnesium, which stabilizes the membrane health and helps open up the cell membranes for ions. ROI is essential for active individuals.
How & when to drink:
0.25 litre (8.45 fl oz) of ROI in the morning before breakfast
stress kicks in, it inevitably affects the human body, causing headaches, muscle tension, insomnia, lack of concentration, nervousness, etc. When stressed-out, we tend to respond in negative ways, which further affects our body – unhealthy food, drinking, smoking, excessive coffee drinking, etc.
As magnesium is a natural antidote to stress, the magnesium-rich ROI mineral water offers an efficient remedy.
How & when to drink:
0.50 litre (16.9 fl oz) of cool ROI every day; 0.25 litre (8.45 fl oz) in the morning before breakfast and 0.25 litre (8.45 fl oz) before going to sleep
To Irregular eating habits and insufficient physical activity, combined with an unbalanced and unhealthy diet tends to affect body-weight. The magnesium-rich ROI mineral water helps weight-control by ensuring the right pH balance and by replenishing lost minerals. Furthermore, drinking ROI before meals helps you feel full while eating less.
How & when to drink:
0.25 litre (8.45 fl oz) of ROI before meals (max. 0.5 litre (16.9 fl oz) of ROI per day)
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